Meet the Press

We are students at UMass Boston, we are classmates in an ESL seminar class, and we are a team with a simple dream: to share our memories and stories all in one

Time and space meet each other, and they decided to put us together. They make us work as a team, as a family. God has magic hands. He let 14 people who are from different countries and different backgrounds cooperate and communicate at the same time. We created The Blue BackpackĀ to improve our English skills, to bring useful knowledge to other international students, and to share our experiences. The result of our hard work is The Blue Backpack.

Our Values: Equality, Originality, Honor, Independence, and Free Expression

Staff of The Blue Backpack with Running Pioneer Kathrine Switzer at Umass Boston


Our Home Countries: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. Map and Blue Backpack logo by Juan Rojas.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Press

  1. Hello Dear ESL Students! I love that you are doing this blog! I already shared this link with my students in my ESL class at UMass. I teach an Advanced Seminar class and I am hoping that you and my students get to blog together! All the best to all of you and to your teacher!!! Carol

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